“Much of the extra virgin Italian olive oil on the market is not Italian or virgin”
New York Times
Devoleum tracks and stores every single step of the extra virgin olive oil supply chain using Blockchain and AI, allowing the final consumer to know the entire history of each product, from the comfort of their smartphone
an image of the supply chain circle
Choose the best solution for your supply chain
Public Blockchain
Suitable for short supply chains
  • Easy to use
  • Public to everyone
  • No cost of mainteinance
  • Data validated and shared
    by millions of nodes
Consortium Blockchain
Suitable for Enterprises solutions
  • Proof of Authority
    Ethereum consortium
  • Decide what data
    is public or private
  • No transaction fees
  • Instant transactions
Devoleum tracks the product from the origin, gathering data from IoT and precision farming. We use Artificial Intelligence to compare the collected data with the history of the weather data of that region and the data of the agricultural soil itself to maximize the results or discover anomalies in order to prevent errors or frauds
an image of the supply chain circle
Transports and logistics are the most sensible steps in the supply chain, a lot of issues and tampering happen during this phases. Devoleum uses AI and Blockchain to solve these problems. AI makes it possible to detect anomalies before the data becomes immutable in the Blockchain. The data in the Blockchain will be impossible to manipulate, the AI will use this data to make predictions and optimize the supply chain, saving time and money.
an image of the supply chain circle
Devoleum uses smart contracts to bring transparency and automation in the relations between the actors in the supply chain, removing the need of trust and the possibility to fraud others. Smart contracts in the EVOO chain can solve the biggest problem of all, the lack of sustainability. Using smart contracts everyone knows exactly how much value each step adds in the chain. The blockchain data integrity ensures less legal issues and consequently lower insurance costs, speeding up the financial flow.
an image of the supply chain circle
Devoleum uses smart tags, Augmented Reality and Real-time Object Detection (YOLO) in every single step of the supply chain to speed up the workflow and to enhance the consumer experience. Scanning the smart tag with a smartphone or another IoT device you will get the information in augmented reality contextualized at the environment. For example, the worker can scan the smart tag on the olive oil tree to retrieve and manage its farming data, the final consumer can scan the smart tag on the bottle to know its entire supply chain history.
an image of the supply chain circle
an image of the supply chain circle
Elisa Romondia
Co-Founder & CEO

Data Analyst and Blockchain developer. First woman to win an official Italian hackathon. Selected by Google, Udacity and Bertelsmann for two Scholarship Programmes, Mobile Web Specialist and Data Science. Her family owns secular olive trees in the Gargano promontory, an evoo ordered worldwide. She combines her expertise with her skills to develop Devoleum, as a solution against counterfeit in the agro-alimentary field. Selected in 2017 as one of the top 10 European female entrepreneurs for the StartHer Awards, at the Station F and mentioned in the Forbes list “60 Women-Led Startups That Are Shaking Up Tech Across The Globe”.
an image of the supply chain circle
Lorenzo Zaccagnini
Co-Founder & CTO

Full stack Blockchain and Javascript developer. Expert in Blockchain, AI and PWA, he works as a mentor for Udacity and leads worldwide webinars about cutting-edge technologies. Winner of the TIM #Wcap prize at the first Italian official hackathon, Digithon 2016. Selected by Google and Udacity for the Mobile Web Specialist Google Scholarship Programme 2018. He combines his expertise and skills to develop Devoleum, one of the first decentralized solution for the food supply chain, internationally awarded and mentioned by Forbes.