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“Much of the extra virgin Italian olive oil on the market is not Italian or virgin”

New York Times

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When using Devoleum a flow of data becomes a meaningful story, making it immutable on the blockchain, showing the digital or physical passages that have helped make the product unique and valuable. The story can be easily consulted on a storyboard in the Devoleum web platform, easily accessible from any device just by scanning a smart tag. Check our collaborations!


Devoleum offers a versatile platform that adapts to every supply chain. It's possible to trace the history of an agri-food product, from land monitoring data to sale. In the field of construction (AEC), you can track the first project phases, construction and maintenance. Digital creatives can use Devoleum for a song or other digital artworks, in order to protect their intellectual rights and assure a fair distribution of earnings. Devoleum promotes sustainable supply chains, ensuring that the work of everyone will be credited, believing that fair supply chains make awesome products.


Devoleum stores the supply chain steps in the Ethereum blockchain, a tamper proof system open and transparent. The data inside the blockchain becomes immutable, impossible to manipulate. Every interaction with the data is recorded in public transactions. King Joffrey knows why transparency is important especially in food supply chains


Devoleum protects the privacy of the users in many ways. Our integration of Zero Knowledge protocols allows the tokenization of a physical asset without revealing sensitive data on the blockchain. Confidential documents can be inserted as a link inside our smart contracts, using an anonymous hash as a link, without uploading the sensitive files inside Ethereum blockchain.
Devoleum offers the possibility to use a fully decentralized architecture without requiring any sensitive data from the users, ensuring full compliance with the GDPR.


With Devoleum It's possible to combine oracles and AI models that will inspect data correctness before being pushed immutably inside Ethereum. Using AI we can provide accurate real-time prediction with the blockchain tamper-proof data. Devoleum oracles architecture can integrate and welcome AI models that use Federated Learning, in order to preserve privacy and scalability.


Devoleum smart contracts can be triggered by events external to Ethereum blockchain, thanks to oracles. Devoleum's oracles allow the supply chain to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain, creating interactive stories from different data sources, such as IoT (precision farming), artificial intelligence models, building information modeling (BIM) and distribution services for digital content (aggregators and streaming).


Devoleum smart contracts can be used in combination with IPFS and traditional databases, allowing great scalability and lower costs.

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Elisa Romondia

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Elisa Romondia


Data Analyst, AI and Blockchain developer in the Forbes list "60 Women-Led Startups That Are Shaking Up Tech Across The Globe" with the project Devoleum. Italian InspiringFifty 2018.

Lorenzo Zaccagnini

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Lorenzo Zaccagnini


Blockchain and AI developer. Winner of the TIM #Wcap prize at the first Italian official hackathon, Digithon 2016. Blockchain mentor for the Silicon Valley top company Udacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can try our simulation for free here, build your supply chain and please give us a feedback :)
Take a look at this video here, using different kinds of Oracles Devoleum can integrate even more advanced smart tags.
All the tech behind Devoleum is open source, Ethereum blockchain, Tensor Flow, PySyft, Truffle, React, Electron etc...
Devoleum is a digital solution, we manage the data provided by the users, we do not generate data or provide hardware tools.
No, we are busy working on the real project and is in constant evolution, we do not have time to waste on a fake paper, we suggest to read this article
No, we do not beg for money, if you want to invest in Devoleum you are welcome, contact us and do not forget to link your investments portfolio.