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The immutability of blockchain combined with the transparency of linked open data for supply chain traceability

“Forbes includes Devoleum in the 60 Women-Led Startups That Are Shaking Up Tech Across The Globe list.”

“Projet d'Elisa Romondia, développe use de Devoleum, afin de certifier l'origine des huiles d'olive de son Italie natale.”

“Certificare la qualità dell'olio d'oliva come si fa con i diamanti, l'idea alla Sapienza.”

“Permettent de certifier l'huile d'olive grâce à la technologie blockchain.”

What is Devoleum?

Devoleum is a web app that transforms the linked open data of physical or digital supply chains into meaningful stories, making each step immutable on blockchain or other distributed systems. Each story shows in a clear and detailed way the steps that contributed to making the product unique and precious. Devoleum automatically creates a product storytelling, easily accessible on our platform from any device simply by scanning a QR code. Devoleum is an open source project, free and open to everyone.

Featured Collaborations


The extra virgin olive oil of Inserrata is a 100% Tuscan superior product, now on Algorand and Ethereum blockchain. It comes from olive groves located in the hills at 150 meters above sea level, of Frantoiano, Leccino, Moraiolo, Coratina and Pendolino varieties. The olive groves are grown organically. The plants have an age ranging from 15 to 100 years

Cascina Bosco

Devoleum with Coltivatori di Emozioni and Cascina Bosco Fornasara. Thanks to this collaboration, for the first time in the world it was possible to bring to the Ethereum Blockchain the Carnaroli rice supply chain produced by Cascina Bosco Fornasara, a product of excellence Made in Italy. Carnaroli is a Superfine rice among the best known and renowned for its large, tapered, and cooking-resistant grain which makes it perfect for risottos.

Why use Devoleum ?


Devoleum is an open source project. Devoleum allows you to notarize the steps of physical or digital supply chains on the Ethereum and Algorand, tamper-proof transparent blockchain. The data within the blockchain thus becomes public, immutable and impossible to manipulate. Every interaction with the data is recorded in public transactions. King Joffrey knows well why transparency is especially important in the agri-food supply chains.


Devoleum protects its users with a privacy-oriented design. Devoleum traces the supply chains through the notarization of cryptographic proofs on the blockchain, leaving to the users the full ownership of the data, as well as, the management of their visibility. The open nature of Devoleum also offers the possibility of integrating countless tools including homomorphic cryptography and Federated Learning.


The open nature of Devoleum offers the possibility to combine oracles and artificial intelligence models, giving the possibility to inspect the correctness of the data before being immutably notarized on the blockchain. Through the integration of artificial intelligence models we can provide accurate prediction in real time, taking advantage of the incorruptibility of data on blockchain. Devoleum's oracle architecture encourages the integration of AI models that use Federated Learning, in order to preserve data privacy and scalability.


Devoleum's smart contracts can react to events outside the Ethereum and Algorand blockchains, thanks to oracles. Oracles allow different data sources to communicate with the blockchain, creating interactive stories with data from the IoT, building information models (BIM), distribution services for digital content (aggregators and streaming) and much more. The open nature of Devoleum also allows you to use and even create APIs to interface in a personalized way with smart contracts.


Devoleum's smart contracts can be connected to existing databases such as NoSQL, SQL, or IPFS. Devoleum allows you to notarize large amounts of data on the blockchain. With our solution, it's possible to cryptographically bind data outside the blockchain within our smart contracts.

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Elisa Romondia

Data Scientist, and Blockchain developer in the Forbes list "60 Women-Led Startups That Are Shaking Up Tech Across The Globe" with the project Devoleum. Italian InspiringFifty Italy 2018.

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Lorenzo Zaccagnini

Blockchain and AI developer. Winner of the TIM #Wcap prize at the first Italian official hackathon, Digithon 2016. Blockchain mentor for Silicon Valley top companies

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